Encourage by giving money “Worawut” fight in channel 7

“Bangyang” YongYud Emyuden encouragement Worawut Emyuden that he can win Nantawat C.Rungrod in Muay Thai 7 Color on Sunday 17 November at least two punches and enjoin the trainer team to take care him because the reward is not only the boxer but the trainer will get it. He ensures Worawut Emyuden muay thai camp will do his best after check the preparedness in the last time.

Do the best and get the reward is the slogan of “YongYud Emyuden” the manager of Emyuden Gym who send Worawut to fight in channel 7 in Thailand  on Sunday 17 November with Nantawat C.Rungrod training camp . This fight has a good reward if he use at least two punches.

“We check the preparedness of Worawut and staff team confirms he is ready to fight. I will control him in Saturday evening and I believe the trainer is professional. We will encourage by giving money for Worawut if he win and use at least two punches and the trainer will get the reward too. I am confident we win in this match. Worawut have a better class than the rival. Am I said is true?” Bangyang added.

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  1. Michael Shing

    In southern of Thailand , there are many muay thai camps . Emyuden muay thai camp is the new one , then there is a few boxer to train with them . The owner must work hard if he want to have good fighter .

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