“Chamuakphet Phetkaserm muay thai camp” doesn’t hope much.

Chamuakphet Phetkaserm muay thai camp or the well-known boxer of 3rd Weber Thai boxing round kneed Phetmongkol T. Thepsuthin until overcoming him in the Fourth round by the supporting of Tongthalingchan , so the referees can’t deny for his success to fight in the final round. Moreover, on this time , he would only grasp the belt to be him  for being satisfied.

After Chamuakphet Phetkaserm or the boxer in 3rd Weber boxing round grasped the eighth ranked , he can pass into the final round to fight with Saksongkram Phobtheeratham camp beyond the expectation from the good form on last Saturday to overcome Phetmongkol on the Fourth round. Then, it is another best match of him.

Tong Talingchan or the trainer of Chamuakphet revealed that “On this time, I don’t hope for anything , except for being the Champion of 3rd Weber. However, it will be success or not ;    we should wait for this Saturday of 2nd November 2013. Then, it should ask for the encouragement from the boxing fans to cheer up once again in the final round.”

2 thoughts on ““Chamuakphet Phetkaserm muay thai camp” doesn’t hope much.

  1. Tom Bell

    Phetkaserm muay thai camp have only one boxer , then Chamuakphet is difficult to train at the camp with one trainer . However many people watch his training .

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