“DaoTrang Sakniranrat muay thai camp” has a good intention

“Su Sak” tawee Niranrat confirmed a represent boxer, DaoTrang Sakniranrat muay thai camp prepare for all time with hard muay thai training program . He believe him will not make muay thai fans in Thailand disappointment.

“Su Sak” tawee Niranrat, a big manager of Sakniranrad muay thai camp open his mind after Mr.Bhu send DaoTrang to fight with Nattapon Kiatarworn muay thai training camp , 3 second best of the last Fuktean Tournament Thai Boxing in the fight of Jao Mauy Tahi on Saturday, September 28th at Aomnoi muay thai stadium . He said althoug Sakniran is a represent boxer but he prepares to fight all time. He believes Sakniran will not make muay thai fans disappointment.

“Dao Trang Sakniranrat prepares to fight all time until the announced day. He always train and should fight in the last week but its delay to this Saturday but he still train so muay thai fans should not worry. He ready to fight any time” Susak said.


2 thoughts on ““DaoTrang Sakniranrat muay thai camp” has a good intention

  1. Mark Wilson

    Sakniranrat is the big muay thai camp in south of Thailand , but today SuSak have only a few boxers to train and live in his camp becuause today he don’t have many trainers to train .
    If any one want to be the trainer , you can contact SuSak .
    However he want only big size , if you are small he don’t want .

  2. Mark Wilson

    Sakniranrat muay thai camp close the camp , then DaoTrang find the camp to train . However many muay thai camps ready to train him .

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