Pri’s willing to cooperate with Wansongchai muay thai program.

Sommai said that “In the Past, Pri and Songchai discussion in the meeting which is the first time in 23 days on 27 June that he is willing to cooperate with Wansongchai . Muay thai fans and muay thai training camps in Thailand should not worry. Nothing stuck in the battle. Songchai promoter talk with the stadium manager that he willing to cooperate fully with the stage whether any activities of the stadium. And of course, the stadium manager tells that he will work every battle and cooperate with Wansongchai  too. If he can do anything, he will ready to cooperate fully” Sommai said.

Thongchai is still shut in himself in the resident.

After the committees of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium didn’t invite BigSong or Thongchai  to join in the meeting of executives and promoters in the last time as well as not giving any program for Suek OneThongChai to setup the new muay thai program in 3 months from July to September , this subject becomes to be the big point of the boxing circle on last 23rd June . Then, after that BigSong  is still shut in himself at his large resident in Phuket with his warm family including to accept that after this incident was happened , there are several people in Thai boxing of Thailand and the head of the muay thai training camp to contact and encourage me continuously all the time. Therefore, I would like to thank you for everyone to give the encouragement to me and no matter will happen , I will fight for our muay thai life. However, it should give more times for me to work and anyone who has joined his life and went all the times with me still has his good chance to work and come together.

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