“Bangju” be confident muay thai of “Petchprab”

Bangju reveals that he is not worry about “Petchprab Chicken Five Stars Gym will fight with Petchnakin Datu Sport Center. He believes Petchprab will use his skill to revenge Petchnakin in this fight because he ready over 100 percent.

The progress of Fairtex war on 13 October at Lumbini muay thai stadium now, the reporters have a news from “Bangju” Prabpatapee Luklampakshe about Petchprab Chicken Five Stars muay thai Gym will fight with Petchnakin Datu Sport Center in the open fight. Petchprab prepare himself very good so he has no problem to fight with Petchnakin. Petchprab use to win so this fight he will not have a hard time for him. Today he train with Nichao from Suwit camp who have the good with ,  http://www.muaythai-thailand.com/news2013-09.html   . Bangju are happy to watch his training .

“He use to win at Aomnoi. In that time is 103 pounds fight but this time is 105 pounds fight but it is not a big deal. The rival use the knee but we use a muay thai skill to fight. Petchprab is ready to fight and revenge fully. Muay thai fans in Thailand  should follow and cheer.” Bangju said and then he come back to see the boxer’s training.

The following list in this fight: Pokeaw Fonjang Chonbury fight with Pronsanae Monchai muay thai camp , Yokwicha Petchsemeun fight with Kwankao U.Rattanabandit and Songkom Sakhomseal muay thai training camp fight with Pornmongkol K.T.gym etc.


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