Samdee is ready to muay thai fight in Thailand

“Mr.Boat” Nattaddet Wachirattanawong said 107 pounds fight is hard work but he is not worries because Samdee is improving his skill and ready to fight.

“Mr.Boat”, a manager of Petch Yindee muay thai training Academy said to Muay Siam reporters about Mr.Banjong Buracamwong set Samdee Petch Yindee Academy fight Julong Eakbangsai in the fight match of Fair Tax War on 1st August at LumPiNi Stadium in 107 pounds weight, He will consider carefully and fair to every side because Samdee is 108 pounds champion. In this weight fight, Samdee show very excellent form so in 107 pounds weight, he can win. He will tire but do not have a problem because he is young and ready to fight with any muay thai camps from Thailand .

Meanwhile, Mr.Boat Petch Yindee said “If a promoter set a fight, we will order the boxers to fight too. We want them to fight for show muay thai fans that our boxer is a real boxer. Although we need to fight on 107 pounds weight but we are not worry and not scare because Samdee have a good form and better than we expected. I want muay thai fans in Thailand to watch on 1st August and bet. I want o warn them that if they are not sure, they should withdraw.”

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